F5 Brush

3,150.00 RSD

A round, sloped shape concealer brush that hugs the curves of the face to easily blend and build concealer.

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    The uniquely sloped, fan-shaped brush seamlessly blends and builds concealer under the eyes with a finger-like finish for a natural effect. Made with soft, cruelty-free, densely packed fibers, this brush works perfectly with SurrealSkin™ Awakening Concealer or any liquid or cream concealer.

    how to

    Blend and diffuse SurrealSkin™ Awakening Concealer, or your favorite liquid concealer, for a seamless, skin-like finish.

    Works Well With

    SurrealSkin Awakening Concealer

    3,850.00 RSD

    SurrealSkin Foundation

    5,350.00 RSD

    Soft Glow Highlighter

    3,950.00 RSD

    Master Crystal Reflector®

    3,450.00 RSD