F 3 Brush

3,950.00 RSD

This double-ended, multi-use brush features custom tapered shape, perfect for applying highlighter and blush.

  • Delivers precision application and effortless blending to highlight and illuminate the features of any face
  • Ideal for use with powder highlighters and blush.
  • Features the highest-quality, patent-pending hairs that mimic the feel and finish of natural hair.
  • All MAKEUP BY MARIO brushes and cruelty-free, made with a custom blend of synthetic and vegan fibers, and 100% FSC certified Birch Wood handles.

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how to
  • Swirl the brush into your bronzer or blush pan.
  • Use the smaller end to apply highlighter across your favorite features, like the cheekbones, bridge of nose and décolletage.
  • Use the larger end to sweep powder blush across the cheekbones.

I designed this brush with softly tapered hairs to give you the most flawless blush and highlighter application.

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