E 4 Brush


This brush features a denser, rounded head with flat hairs and works well with cream and powder formulas.

  • Its density makes it perfect for applying Master Metallics™ and Master Metals™ eyeshadows wet, creating extra intensity.
  • All MAKEUP BY MARIO brushes are cruelty-free, made with a custom blend of synthetic and vegan fibers, and 100% FSC-certified Birch Wood handles.

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how to
  • Use it to press and pack shadows directly onto the lid.
  • Use it to apply highlighter shades on the brow bone.
  • Use it to cut the crease.
  • For more intense payoff with Master Metallics™, Master Metals™, or any metallic shadows, wet the brush before applying.
  • Use this brush to apply Master Secret Glow™ to the lids or lips.

This brush is great to pat and pack eyeshadows onto the lids for intense color and payoff, and it works well with both cream and powder.

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